Vegan dishes are fresh and tasty

Vegan dishes are fresh and tasty



Specifically, it is usually the basis of a vegan diet of whole cereals (millet,

rice, buckwheat ...), vegetables, fruit, legumes, nuts and seeds,

mushrooms, herbs and other non-animal fruits and food, and we want to

encourage those of you who are just about to make the first step towards

Vegan eating - you will be pleasantly surprised by the new horizons that

open up to your vegan eating. Vegetable ingredients offer a great deal of

flavors, combinations, scents and colors. In addition to fruit and

vegetables, many ready-made products such as non-mashed sausages,

tofu, seitan, spreads, china, sauces, sweets, mayonnaises, yoghurts are

available in stores ... With food preparation you will be happy to help

your loved ones In this way, experience can inspire book chefs with

plenty of tempting recipes, and especially on the Internet there are really

many gourmet vegan recipes - just a little bit of a click to what suits you

best in all aspects. And do not be afraid to engage your own imagination

and creativity - food must accompany joy, playfulness and above all

gratitude for giving us the life.