Do not keep the idea of veganism and animal protection for yourself

Do not keep the idea of veganism and animal protection for yourself



If you've put the idea of veganism into practice on your own, and if your

enthusiasm for animal protection lasts, do not hesitate and spread this

idea among as many people as possible. The more people become

vegans, the less suffering and death in the world of animals will be !! You

can help in many ways: Communicate the idea of practical sympathy with

animals to people around you (family, work, school), create bulletin

boards, flyers and brochures, recommend books, organize vegans for

your loved ones, organize lectures or exhibitions, social networks ... If

you have the opportunity and the taste, put yourself in larger projects -

such as personal support or setting up a conservation organization,

operating a vegan shop or restaurant, entering vegans into the media,

promoting vegan diets in nurseries, companies and so on. Every effort in

this direction is very important !!

Just here, we want to tell all vegans that often as good thought as

sympathy with animals can be unusual for many people - it is therefore

very important to remind us that veganism is about dialogue and

respecting the opinions of others. For decades, experience has shown

that humanity and relaxation can be more than over-aggravated in the

long run.


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