Become a monkey

Become a monkey



For decades, scientists have observed the Japanese monkey Macaca

fuscata in its natural habitat. In 1952, Imo, an eighteen-month monkey

female- the sexist who lived on the island of Koshima in Japan discovered

that potatoes can be washed in a creek (the monkey is eating some sort

of potato, but they do not like the clay that always covers them). Ima

learned to wash potatoes with another monkey. Her companions who

played with her also have learned this skill and handed it over to others.

The other monkeys continued to worry about their dirty potatoes.

And then something surprising happened. In autumn of 1958, only a

small group of monkeys washed their potatoes. We do not know exactly

how many were there, let's say 99. Another monkey who learned it was

standing. And that day has become a "miracle"! By the evening each

monkey washed potatoes before meals! The monkey is causing a break,

putting in motion a lot of energy that hit the herd. But the greatest

surprise for the observer was the fact that the habit of washing potatoes

was immediately transferred to other islands as well as to the mainland.

The new knowledge, after gaining some power, spread directly from

consciousness to consciousness. The Phenomenon of the Monkeys Says:

When a certain number of people work in some direction, it only concerns

them for some time. However, there is a point in which it is enough to

add one person and one the hierarchy of all values will change. Your

experience, your knowledge, can help save Earth.